Di Renzo Custom Speaker Cabinets – We Build ‘Em Tough!

Di Renzo Custom Speaker

 Di Renzo Custom Speaker Cabinets – We Build ‘Em Tough!

If there is one thing that we can hang our hats on at Rock Force is our commitment to quality and building equipment that is designed to last.

On face value, you may ask what the difference is between ‘Product A’ and a Di Renzo Custom speaker cabinet for example. It is the little things you may not see that make the difference.

Ask Charlie!

Spend five minutes with Charlie Do Renzo and you will totally get the point. You cannot but appreciate the passion of the man and his craft. When you buy a Di Renzo product you are not only buying a piece of equipment you are buying or total commitment to building the very best products, and for our favourite customer, you.


Di Renzo Cabinet


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