Meeting The Family

Passion. Quality. Commitment. Family Values.

The Di Renzo family have long been an integral member of the Perth musical community. Their passion and commitment to providing quality musical equipment and expert advice second to none. You can be sure that you are dealing with a family team that genuinely care about you and your needs.

Di Renzo Custom Sound

The core business at Rock Force has always revolved around their expertise with speaker cabinet design and manufacture. It is abundantly clear when you talk to them about their products that they care. “How can we build better sounding and more robust than stock gear”? is an oft-repeated theme.

Di Renzo Custom Parts

Speaker cabinets are only one part of the story though. Their manufacturing skills also extend into an area much loved by guitarists: guitar components. Guitarists love customising their guitars, and the inventory of bodies, necks and parts will provide you with a myriad of ways to pimp up your axe.

A notable point here is that the bodies and necks are manufactured in-house. These are not of the imported variety. We are talking high-quality custom hand-made products. For you that also means that you have the option of inputting your ideas into a design. Truly custom parts.

Speaking of guitars and amps, protecting your investment is critical. Rock Force Road Cases are built tough, in typical Di Renzo style. Ask for a quote on a case for your prized old Marshall or Les Paul.

And then we get to Rock Force Vintage. There is no doubt that guitarists love the instruments of yesteryear. That is quintessentially the case for John Di Renzo. A master guitar player and respected collector with years of experience, John’s passion for vintage knows no bounds. If there is a prized ‘something’ that you just have to procure then John is the man.

John has an international network that can source just about anything if it is available, and his passion is in tracking that item down for you. Whether you want to buy, sell or hire a vintage piece, John Di Renzo and Rock Force Vintage are the guitar aficionados for you!