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Di Renzo Custom Sound speaker cabinets are designed to handle the most rigorous of musical duties. Unique cabinet construction enhances the tonal characteristics by allowing the cabinet to truly resonate & breathe. This produces punch combined with rich, warm distinctive tone.

Our Custom-Shop can manufacture according to your requirements. Contact us to arrange a quote and discuss your specifications.


Michael Vdelli

MV 212 Di Renzo Speaker Cabinets

Since getting my MV 212 Di Renzo Speaker Cabinets, I have never enjoyed playing more. The cabinets produce a tight, clear sound that is responsive to my touch and the finest adjustments to my amp.

Whether in a small club with one box or an outdoor event with two boxes the sound, clarity and punch is amazing!

My cabinets are loaded with Celestion 20Watt Green Backs which compliment them perfectly. I would recommend these Cabinets to anybody serious about their sound.

Michael Vdelli

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